Debbie would be delighted to speak/perform at your event.

Meet Debbie..... As a Jazz recording artist for over a decade  Debbie has the unique ability to be your Keynote speaker or present a KEYNOTE CONCERT -which combines her speaking topics and her music. You may choose from topics listed or she can tailor a keynote for your event theme.

Debbie is a member of Advanced Speakers & Writers association, Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) & Femcity (Female professionals)

Currently on board of CWIMA, Previous Board memberships include: Independence High School Vocal Music Board (7yrs/ founding member), Allies in Biz, Dames Bond

Previous Church Leadership: Christ Community Church- Women's Ministry Advisory Board (4yrs), Women's Prayer Ministry Leader(4yrs), Worship Team (15 yrs)

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Dancing in the Kitchen Live! A fun date night for couples! Combining her jazz music & storytelling, underscored with the candor of over 30 years of marriage, Debbie shows audiences that growing more deeply in love is possible at any stage of relationship!  She inspires them to lean into their faith, build deeper connection and have fun! Great outreach event *(can be combined with couple’s ballroom dance lesson where appropriate) 

Dancing in the Kitchen ballroom night! 

Debbie combines stories from the book with teaching an EASY dance step for couples to do at home. One that lends itself to couples learning to communicate without words, leading & following and building a deeper sense of connection. (Informative & fun as well as a great outreach event.)

Learning to Fly: Fear, Faith & Calling for women. A call to women, especially moms, to nurture their God-given talents. How to keep them on a simmer while raising a family so you can fly when they leave the nest. Debbie has spent more than a decade in the music industry as a side job while raising her family. Becoming an entrepreneur, 2 albums and 1 book in the making all while being a stay at home mom. Your mom's group will be inspired to cultivate their God given gifts throughout the season  of motherhood without neglecting the high calling of raising a family. 

Great to be a Dame: Four Keys to getting your dreams out of your head & into reality. Debbie will inspire your audience how to get those dreams from idea, to paper to flight by sharing her journey of becoming a jazz recording artist, entrepreneur and author after age forty! (Women -married or single/Female Entrepreneur groups)



Dancing in the Kitchen Marriage Enrichment 3 part workshop/retreat series- coming soon

Overcoming Anxiety in the Spotlight!  For corporate groups  or performing arts groups. Identify what is stealing the power from your performance/interview or presentation. Tips from the entertainment industry to help you overcome what is holding you back to have your best performance yet. 

Creative success workshop: Teens/parents of creatives  Raising 2 creative teens was just the beginning. Debbie's son had a learning disability, coupled with ADHD that eluded them until he was a sophomore in high school. He went from academic distress to scoring a 32 on his ACT! (perfect score is 36) Learn how your child can go  from failing to soaring with a few techniques they learned along the way. 

College Bound version-Teaching young creatives to be successful requires a different way of thinking other than just sending a student off to college. Goal setting/ new learning & long term-multiple streams of income thinking are key if your creative student is to be successful in learning and life.


Debbie Cunningham was our music guest for our Marriage Conference at church.  From start to finish Debbie was professional, easy to work with, and of course her voice and talent are incredible.  Debbie was relatable and refreshing! I highly recommend Debbie Cunningham for your special event. -Sheryl Griffen, Music City Church

I recently recommended Debbie Cunningham to a group of 22 couples in Nashville for a retreat. They enjoyed dancing to her music and raved about her band. Many of them sent me emails after thanking them for showing them another dimension to Nashville music. One woman wrote "Debbie's great voice and romantic songs set just the right tone for a couples weekend." Well done Debbie and thank you! -Julie Hullett Julie Hullett Concierge, LLC

"Debbie has a voice like velvet and a delivery that comes with experience. She sings timeless classics in a unique way because she's lived them."  -Debbie Alan, WSF Radio host

Debbie Cunningham is one smooth songstress. Her vocal range is soothing-- yet never sleepy. Her styling is eclectic and her phrasing superb. Debbie's song list hits the bullseye and you will find yourself sinking dreamily into a sofa or shimmying toward a dance floor.  -Ellie Lofaro  Author, National Inspirational Speaker

“A pure natural! It's not often you come across a voice with pure, talent. This is a voice that will soothe anyone's crying eyes. Mrs. Cunningham hits her notes on beat every time!!”– Indie Lady A- WSF Radio