Marriage is a bit like dancing. It's supposed to be fun but it's harder than it looks.”

— Debbie Cunningham

Statistics show that 3 out of 7 couples will divorce, even some after 20-30 years of marriage. 

Why are we falling out of love and not staying in it?  Can we recapture the lightheartedness we once knew in our relationship?

 With lighthearted candor, Jazz recording artist, Debbie Cunningham shares from her own 30 year marriage journey through difficult seasons of grief and her daughter’s unexpected health issue, while weaving in stories of other couples that have stayed together through infidelity, serious illness, depression, infertility, addiction and in an unusual twist- even the journey of an arranged marriage. She encourages you to not lose hope but to lean into your faith, revisit commitment, brush off your dancing shoes to learn some new steps, and cultivate connection to get you dancing in the kitchen again.

Through her album, A Million Kisses and her book-Dancing in the Kitchen, Debbie Cunningham inspires and empowers you to grow lasting love & build deeper connection in your relationship even through adversity.

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Debbie Cunningham

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