Dream Launch Cheat Sheet Download PDF 4 simple keys to launch your dream goals. 124 KB

Dream Launch Cheat sheet. 4 Keys to unleash your possibilities and launch your dreams. 

Key #1 DECIDE 

You must decide what you want. This is the biggest hurdle in actually taking action on your dreams and aspirations. It’s easy to get lost in wishful thinking but you’ll never make progress until you decide what you want. Make a list of all the things you want to do whether it be start a new business, open a bakery, learn a new skill ie: ballroom dancing, speak French etc , or go on your bucket list trip!. List them all.  I call this brain dumping. Get them out of your head and onto a piece of paper or a word doc on your pc. Then pick ONE to work on. 

Key #2 ASSESS 

You must assess what it’s going to take to accomplish your goal. So research the trip. How much $3,000? Well now you know how much you need to make/save in order to go and you can move to the next step. Want to be a doctor? You have to go to medical school. Want to open a business? You have to research what you are going to need – a business license? Training? Get a loan? How much? You get the picture. 

Another example is when I wanted to record my first album there were a lot of things I needed: musicians, studio, arrangements, cover art, photos etc but first I had to choose the songs I wanted to record! And I had to research what the cost would be and where I could save money to make that happen. 


There’s an old saying, “ If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.”  You need an action plan. List out steps you need to take in order to accomplish your dream goal. For the travel example- How will you make or save money incrementally for the trip? Break it down into doable steps. If you save $250 a month you’ll have $3000 at the end of one year.  Break it down further. $250 a month may seem like a lot but weekly, it’s $62.50 in extra cash you need for your trip money. Whenever you feel overwhelmed break the step down further. 


In other words, start checking off your to do list to make the goal happen. One step at a time as you take action you will get your dreams off the ground. If something doesn’t work exactly as you planned do the next thing. Keep going and don’t stop until you’ve accomplished the goal. You can do this! 

Lastly, my word of advice is give yourself permission. God gave you gifts and talents and he wants you to use them so don’t ignore the tug on your heart to launch your idea! 

P.S. If you still feel stuck, I’d love to help. I have 1hr coaching spots available and a brand new Dream launch course.  Email Debbie@debbiecunningham.net to get more info. 

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